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Fixed Price Maintenance

At D. M. Keith Honda, we're keen to make sure you know exactly what you're paying for before you agree to the work.

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Below you will see a table of routine maintenance items such as brakes and spark plugs so that you know the cost in advance.

Maintenance & additional service items Price
Front brake pads (Excluding Civic Type R & Type R Turbo) £125.00
Rear brake pads £125.00
Front brake pads and discs (Excluding Civic Type R & Type R Turbo) £299.00
Rear brake pads and discs £299.00
Front brake pads (Civic Type R / *Type R Turbo) £205 / *£245
Front brake pads and discs (Civic Type R / *Type R Turbo) £415 / *£615
Battery £115.00
2 Front wiper blades £32.00
1 Rear wiper blade £18.00
1 Pollen filter £48.00
Air filter £50.00
Front Drop links (each) £128.00
Spark plugs Iridium £180 (set of four)
Spark plugs Iridium £320 (set of eight)
Spark plugs steel £90 (set of four)
Spark plugs steel £140 (set of eight)
Coolant change £85.00
Brake fluid change £65.00
CVT fluid change £85.00
Air con service (up to 2016) £65.00
Manual gearbox oil £85.00
Automatic transmission fluid £85.00
Clutch fluid £35.00
Transfer box oil £85.00
Differential oil £85.00
Petrol fuel filter (P1 external) £75.00
Petrol fuel filter (P2 internal) £160.00
Diesel Fuel Filter £116.00
Timing belt £240.00
Auxiliary belt £93.00
Front wheel bearing £265.00
Rear wheel bearing £265.00
Clutch Kit (including release bearing) £765.00
Front wheel alignment £35.00
Four wheel alignment £70.00
All pricing excludes the NSX.  

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